What is the study about

We want to know more about children’s experiences of school, wellbeing and relationships as they grow older. We are also interested in learning more about how children’s environment and experiences in the early years continues to impact them throughout childhood. In the new face-to-face SEED survey, we will therefore be asking about school, mental and physical wellbeing, relationships, family and home, as well as the internet and technology.

This survey will include face-to-face questionnaires for parents / carers and children as well as a paper questionnaire for the children’s class teachers.

The survey will include two exercises for the child – Receptive Vocabulary and Oral Discourse Comprehension. These exercises make use of the Weschler Individual Achievement Tests, 3rd Edition (WIAT-III). The WIAT-III is an educational assessment tool that is well respected and widely used. These exercises are similar to others that have previously been used on SEED.