About SEED: Meeting children’s health, development and behavioural needs

The study was undertaken as part of SEED, looking at how early years providers meet the needs of all children, including those with health, development and behavioural issues. Each case study involved interviews with parents and their early years provider.

Asked to take part in an interview?

Taking part in the study involved talking to one of our interviewers about your experiences. We came to visit you at home, or another location that were convenient for you. The interviews took around an hour. 

The interviews themselves were really relaxed - you did not need any special knowledge to take part. We were interested in hearing your experiences and opinions and you could skip any questions you didn’t want to answer. There was no need for your child to be at home when our interviewer visited.

When we called to arrange the interview we asked you for your permission to contact the nursery or pre-school that your child attended to arrange an interview with their key worker. We only got in touch with your provider if you were happy for us to do so.

What was the research focus?

We asked you about your experiences of the nursery or pre-school your child attended. We were particularly interested in hearing about:

- How easy or difficult it was to get a place for your child

- How your nursery or pre-school keeps you informed about your child’s progress

- Your views on how the setting your child attends is affecting their behaviour, development and learning.

What happened after the visit?

The views of all those involved in the research – parents and setting staff – contributed to a report for the Department for Education (DfE). No one’s name was included in the report. 

Research timeline

Interviews took place from October 2015 to January 2016.

The report was published in Summer 2016.