Help us and the DfE understand the impact of early education

Thank you for your interest in the SEED study. SEED is an important longitudinal survey of almost 6,000 children aiming to find out how characteristics of the early environment, including early childhood education and care, relate to child development over time.

Over the course of the SEED study, we have regularly collected data from early years practitioners and teachers like yourself. For example, we surveyed early years professionals in 2014 and teachers in 2017.

The current wave of SEED, in 2023, includes a paper survey with the class teachers of SEED children. The short survey examines the children’s attitudes, behaviours and developments in school. If you have been asked to take part in 2023 and you have further questions, you can contact the research team.


Data Protection

Read the study Privacy Notice to find out more about how your data will be kept safe.