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Prize draw terms and conditions

Thank you for helping NatCen with SEED. Please read these terms and conditions for all information on your eligibility for the prize draw, as well as how and when it will be carried out.

The prize

  • NatCen is the Promoter of this prize:

NatCen Social Research
35 Northampton Square

  • The prize draw will be for one Apple iPad (64GB, Space Grey finish with Wi-Fi and a 10.2” screen).
  • This model is currently available on Apple’s website and retails for £319.
  • We are not offering any alternative to this prize.



  • You will be entered for the prize draw if you are over 18, are a parent or guardian of a child on the SEED database, and you get in touch with us to confirm or update your contact details via email at seed@natcen.ac.uk no later than by 23:59 on 25 September 2022.
  • Each household can only be entered once for the prize draw.
  • You are eligible if your home address is in England. Unfortunately, we cannot enter anyone living outside England into the draw.
  • You are eligible if your child, who is participating in the SEED study, was born between 1 September 2011 and 31 August 2012.
  • Entry into the prize draw will close at midnight on 25 September 2022. We will not be able to enter anyone who contacts us after this date into the prize draw.
  • This prize draw is not open for anyone not enrolled in SEED, for anyone on the SEED project team, or anyone working at NatCen.


Choosing the winner

  • We will choose the winner by midnight on 10 October 2022. The winner will be chosen at random from all those who are eligible, as described above.
  • Our Research Director’s decision on the winner of the draw will be final. 


Receiving the prize

  • We will notify the winner in writing within five days of their selection, and the prize will be despatched by recorded delivery within 30 days.
  • Once you have received the prize, NatCen will not be responsible for the prize winner’s use of the prize, or for any damage to the prize that comes from your use of it.
  • Any defects eligible under warranty should be taken up with the manufacturer or retailer of the prize.